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About this site:

The Coastal Climate Adaptation Website is meant to be a community of practice. Contribute to the website by uploading your resources to the Resource page. Share your thoughts on posts in the Blog. Post upcoming climate-related events in the Calendar. Register for the site to begin contributing.  Registration is not required to browse the site.

Why Adapt to Climate Change?

Coastal communities have already been impacted by the changing climate. Adjusting to current conditions and continuing to plan for future impacts will enable these communities, both natural and human, to be healthier and more resilient. Adapting to climate change just makes sense!

New to the site?

State and local officials use this site to see what their colleagues are doing in terms of adaptation. The site also includes basic climate change information and training materials useful for outreach efforts.

New to the topic?

This short list of resources provides an overview of expected climate change impacts and examples of coastal adaptation plans and actions.

Global Climate Change Impacts in the United States
Climate Change Science/Impactn/aEconomy, Ecosystem/Natural Resources, Human Health, Infrastructure, Society, Water ResourcesAir Temperature, Drought, Erosion, Flooding, Ice Melt, Lake Level, Ocean Acidification, Precipitation, Sea Level, Storms (non-tropical), Tropical Storms/Hurricanes, Water Temperature3/22/2010
Preparing for Climate Change: A Guidebook for Local, Regional, and State Governments
Identifying Adaptation options
Comprehensive Strategy for Reducing Maryland's Vulnerability to Climate Change: Sea Level Rise and Coastal Storms
Adaptation/Action PlanCase Study/StrategyEconomy, Ecosystem/Natural Resources, Human Health, Infrastructure, SocietySea Level, Storms (non-tropical)3/22/2010
Synthesis of Adaptation Options for Coastal Areas
Case Study/Strategyn/aEcosystem/Natural ResourcesAir Temperature, Erosion, Precipitation, Sea Level, Storms (non-tropical), Water Temperature3/22/2010
ICLEI Resource Guide - Outreach and Communications
Climate Change CommunicationOutreach Material3/22/2010
City of Punta Gorda Adaptation Plan
Adaptation/Action Plann/a5/12/2010