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Policies and Legislation

Delaware Climate Change Action Plan
DEAdaptation/Action PlanPolicy/LegislationEconomy, Infrastructure, Society5/4/2010
New Jersey's Global Warming Response Act Recommendations Report
NJAdaptation/Action PlanPolicy/Legislation5/4/2010
King County Flood Buyout and Home Elevation Program
WACase Study/StrategyPolicy/LegislationHuman Health, InfrastructureErosion, Flooding5/4/2010
Summary of Coastal Program Initiatives that Address Sea Level Rise as a Result of Global Climate Change
Alaska, Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, Gulf of Mexico, West Coast, Great Lakes, Pacific Islands, CaribbeanCase Study/StrategyPolicy/LegislationLake Level, Sea Level6/24/2010
Virginia Case Study: Stemming the Tide: How Local Governments Can Manage Rising Flood Risks
VACase Study/StrategyPolicy/LegislationFlooding10/27/2010
Rolling Easements
Not Region SpecificCase Study/StrategyPolicy/LegislationSea Level6/28/2011
Rolling Easements
Not Region SpecificCase Study/StrategyPolicy/LegislationInfrastructureSea Level9/17/2012
Agriculture and the Food System: Adaptation to Climate Change
Not Region SpecificClimate Change Science/ImpactPolicy/LegislationSocietyAir Temperature, Precipitation4/13/2010
The Impact of Climate Change and Population Growth on the National Flood Insurance Program
Not Region SpecificClimate Change Science/ImpactPolicy/LegislationInfrastructure, SocietyFlooding6/18/2013
Policy Frameworks for Adaptation to Climate Change in Coastal Zones: The Case of the Gulf of Mexico
Gulf of MexicoGuidance/GuidebookPolicy/LegislationEcosystem/Natural Resources, Infrastructure5/17/2010
The Resilient Coast: Policy frameworks for adapting the Wetlands to climate change and growth in coastal areas of the U.S. Gulf of Mexico
Gulf of MexicoGuidance/GuidebookPolicy/LegislationEcosystem/Natural Resources5/17/2010
The Resilient Coast: Policy frameworks for adapting The Built Environment to climate change and growth in coastal areas of the U.S. Gulf of Mexic
Gulf of MexicoGuidance/GuidebookPolicy/LegislationInfrastructure, Society5/17/2010
Florida’s Resilient Coasts: A State Policy Framework for Adaptation to Climate Change
FLGuidance/GuidebookPolicy/LegislationEconomy, Ecosystem/Natural Resources, Human Health, Infrastructure, Society, Water Resources6/25/2010
Maine Department of Environmental Protection Coastal Sand Dune Rule
Case Study – A Cape Cod Community Prevents New Residences in Floodplains Lessons Learned from Chatham’s legally successful conservancy districts
Model Floodplain District Bylaw - Cape Cod Commission
How to Save Wetlands and Beaches without Hurting Property Owners
Not Region SpecificPolicy/LegislationEcosystem/Natural ResourcesErosion, Sea Level6/25/2010
Legal and Policy Impacts of Sea Level Rise to Beaches and Coastal Property
Not Region SpecificPolicy/Legislation6/25/2010
New Frameworks for Managing Dynamic Coasts: Legal and Policy Tools for Adapting U.S. Coastal Zone Management to Climate Change
Not Region SpecificPolicy/Legislation6/25/2010
Adaptation to Climate Change: International Policy Options
Rhode Island Coastal Resources Management Program Section 145 Climate Change and Sea Level Rise
RIPolicy/LegislationSea Level6/26/2010
A Line in the Sand: Balancing the Texas Open Beaches Act and Coastal Development
Developing a Comprehensive Approach to Climate Change Policy in the United States that Fully Integrates Levels of Government and Economic Sectors
Not Region SpecificPolicy/LegislationEconomy6/26/2010
Using Science to Create Dune and Beach Protection Policy in Virginia
VAPolicy/LegislationErosion, Sea Level, Storms (non-tropical), Tropical Storms/Hurricanes7/30/2010
Hurricane Damage and Global Warming: How Bad Could it Get and What Can We Do About It Today?
Not Region SpecificPolicy/LegislationEconomy, Infrastructure, SocietyTropical Storms/Hurricanes8/19/2010
Adapting to Climate Change: Why Adaptation Policy is More Difficult than We Think (and what to do about it)
Not Region SpecificPolicy/Legislation2/11/2011
Policy: Building Resilience to Climate Change
MDPolicy/LegislationEcosystem/Natural Resources, Infrastructure3/1/2011
Living Shoreline Protection Act of 2008
Critical Area Buffer – Local Government Assistance Guide
Sea Level Rise Ready: Model Comprehensive Plan Goals, Objectives and Policies Addressing Sea Level Rise in Florida
FLPolicy/LegislationSea Level6/17/2011
Bay Plan Amendment 1-08 Concerning Climate Change
Creation of “Adaptation Action Areas” in Florida Statues
Southeast Florida Regional Climate Change Compact
Protecting the Public Interest through the National Coastal Zone Management Program: How Coastal States and Territories Use No-Build Areas along Ocean and Great Lake Shorefronts
Not Region SpecificPolicy/LegislationErosion, Flooding, Lake Level, Sea Level, Storms (non-tropical), Tropical Storms/Hurricanes6/5/2012
Analysis of How the Flood Insurance Reform Act of 2012 (H.R. 4348) May Affect State and Local Adaptation Efforts
Not Region SpecificPolicy/Legislation8/2/2012
Climate Change and Existing Law: A Survey of Legal Issues Past, Present, and Future
Not Region SpecificPolicy/Legislation8/2/2012
Anticipatory Planning for Sea-Level Rise Along the Coast of Maine
MEPolicy/LegislationSea Level9/7/2012
Climate Change and Existing Law: A Survey of Legal Issues Past, Present, and Future
Not Region SpecificPolicy/Legislation9/17/2012
Climate Change Law and Policy in Hawaii: Briefing Sheet
Hawaii Adopts Statewide Climate Change Adaptation Plan
Climate Change and Coast Smart Construction Executive Order - Governor O’Malley (Maryland)
Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Low Carbon Fuel Standards
Northeast, Mid-AtlanticPolicy/LegislationAdaptation/Action PlanEconomy, Human Health5/4/2010
State of Washington Engrossed Second Substitute Senate Bill 5560
WAPolicy/LegislationAdaptation/Action Plan5/4/2010
Model Bylaw Effectively Managing Coastal Floodplain Development - Technical Report
MAPolicy/LegislationCase Study/StrategyInfrastructureErosion, Flooding, Sea Level, Storms (non-tropical), Tropical Storms/Hurricanes5/4/2010
Local Land Use Response to Sea Level Rise
Not Region SpecificPolicy/LegislationCase Study/StrategySea Level2/18/2011
Coastal Planning Policy Tools
Not Region SpecificPolicy/LegislationCase Study/StrategySea Level9/17/2012
Water Resources Policies and Authorities Incorporating Sea-Level Change Considerations in Civil Works Programs
Not Region SpecificPolicy/LegislationGuidance/GuidebookInfrastructureSea Level5/12/2010
Preparing for Climate Change in the Great Lakes Region
Great LakesPolicy/LegislationGuidance/GuidebookEcosystem/Natural Resources, Water ResourcesLake Level5/12/2010
American Planning Association: Policy Guide on Planning and Climate Change
Not Region SpecificPolicy/LegislationGuidance/Guidebook12/16/2011
Kauai Shoreline Setback Bill
Hull Conservation Department Freeboard Incentive
MAPolicy/Legislationn/aInfrastructure, SocietySea Level, Storms (non-tropical)5/3/2010
Synopsis of an Assessment: Policy Tools for Local Adaptation to Sea Level Rise
Not Region SpecificPolicy/Legislationn/aSea Level5/12/2010
Shoreline Impacts, Setback Policy, and Sea Level Rise
Zoning and Land Use Planning Yielding to the Rising Sea: The Land Use Challenge
Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, Gulf of Mexico, West CoastPolicy/Legislationn/a5/28/2010
Climate Change Risk Perception and Policy Preferences: The Role of Affect, Imagery, and Values
Not Region SpecificStakeholder EngagementPolicy/Legislation8/19/2010