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People and Nature Adapting to Changing Climate: Charting Maine's Course
MEAdaptation/Action PlanGuidance/Guidebook3/31/2010
Canadian Communitites' Guidebook for Adaptation to Climate Change
InternationalAdaptation/Action PlanGuidance/GuidebookEconomy, Ecosystem/Natural Resources, Human Health, Infrastructure, SocietyAir Temperature, Erosion, Precipitation4/13/2010
Local Government Climate Change Adaptation Toolkit
Not Region SpecificAdaptation/Action PlanGuidance/Guidebook5/4/2010
Analysis of Southeast Coastal Climate Adaptation Strategies
SoutheastAdaptation/Action PlanGuidance/GuidebookEcosystem/Natural Resources, Human Health, Infrastructure, Society, Water ResourcesErosion, Flooding, Precipitation, Sea Level, Storms (non-tropical), Tropical Storms/Hurricanes8/17/2010
A Framework for Climate Change Adaptation in Hawaii
HIAdaptation/Action PlanGuidance/Guidebook9/29/2010
California Adaptation Planning Guide: Planning for Adaptive Communities
CAAdaptation/Action PlanGuidance/Guidebook11/26/2012
Getting Climate SMART: A Water Preparedness Guide for State Action
Not Region SpecificAdaptation/Action PlanGuidance/GuidebookWater Resources5/1/2013
Lessons Learned from Delaware Lidar
DECase Study/StrategyGuidance/Guidebook5/5/2010
Adapting to Climate Change: The Public Policy Response – Public Infrastructure
Not Region SpecificCase Study/StrategyGuidance/GuidebookInfrastructure, SocietyAir Temperature, Flooding, Storms (non-tropical)5/12/2010
Integrating Climate Change into the Transportation Planning Process
Not Region SpecificCase Study/StrategyGuidance/Guidebook6/10/2010
Adapting to Climate Change: a Case Study Companion to the Checklist for Development
InternationalCase Study/StrategyGuidance/GuidebookInfrastructure, Water Resources6/24/2010
Climate Change Adaptation Actions for Local Governments
InternationalCase Study/StrategyGuidance/Guidebook6/26/2010
Hot Properties: How Global Warming Could Transform B.C.’s Real Estate Sector
InternationalCase Study/StrategyGuidance/Guidebook8/19/2010
Local Strategies for Addressing Climate Change, Volume 2
Not Region SpecificCase Study/StrategyGuidance/GuidebookEcosystem/Natural Resources, Infrastructure, SocietyAir Temperature, Drought, Erosion, Flooding, Ice Melt, Lake Level, Ocean Acidification, Precipitation, Sea Level, Storms (non-tropical), Tropical Storms/Hurricanes, Water Temperature9/10/2010
Climate-Smart Conservation
Not Region SpecificCase Study/StrategyGuidance/GuidebookEcosystem/Natural Resources1/10/2011
The Value of Green Infrastructure for Urban Climate Adaptation
Not Region SpecificCase Study/StrategyGuidance/GuidebookEconomy, Society3/8/2011
Lessons Learned on Local Climate Adaptation from the Urban Leaders Adaptation Initiative
Not Region SpecificCase Study/StrategyGuidance/Guidebook3/8/2011
Investment Decision Making Under Deep Uncertainty: Application to Climate Change
Not Region SpecificCase Study/StrategyGuidance/Guidebook10/2/2012
The Value of Green Infrastructure for Urban Climate Adaptation
Not Region SpecificCase Study/StrategyGuidance/GuidebookHuman Health, Infrastructure, Water ResourcesAir Temperature, Precipitation5/1/2013
Climate Change and Water Resources Management: A Federal Perspective
Not Region SpecificClimate Change Science/ImpactGuidance/GuidebookWater ResourcesAir Temperature, Drought, Precipitation5/3/2010
Coastal Dead Zones & Global Climate Change Ramifications of Climate Change for Chesapeake Bay Hypoxia
Mid-AtlanticClimate Change Science/ImpactGuidance/GuidebookEcosystem/Natural ResourcesAir Temperature, Drought, Precipitation, Sea Level6/8/2010
Potential Impacts of Climate Change on U.S. Transportation
Not Region SpecificClimate Change Science/ImpactGuidance/GuidebookInfrastructureAir Temperature, Drought, Precipitation, Sea Level, Storms (non-tropical), Tropical Storms/Hurricanes6/10/2010
An Unfavorable Tide: Global Warming, Coastal Habitats and Sportfishing in Florida
FLClimate Change Science/ImpactGuidance/GuidebookEcosystem/Natural ResourcesAir Temperature, Precipitation, Sea Level, Water Temperature6/21/2010
NIDIS – National Integrated Drought Information System - U.S. Drought Portal
Alaska, Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, Gulf of Mexico, West Coast, Great Lakes, Pacific Islands, CaribbeanClimate Change Science/ImpactGuidance/GuidebookDrought6/24/2010
Pacific Islands Climate Change Virtual Library
Pacific IslandsClimate Change Science/ImpactGuidance/GuidebookEconomy, Ecosystem/Natural Resources, Human Health, Infrastructure, Society, Water ResourcesOcean Acidification, Precipitation, Sea Level, Storms (non-tropical), Tropical Storms/Hurricanes, Water Temperature6/25/2010
West Coast Climate Change Shoreline Impact Inventory
West CoastClimate Change Science/ImpactGuidance/GuidebookErosion, Sea Level6/25/2010
Cross Border Indicators of Climate Change over the Past Century: Northeastern United States and Canadian Maritime Region
NortheastClimate Change Science/ImpactGuidance/GuidebookAir Temperature, Ice Melt, Precipitation, Sea Level, Tropical Storms/Hurricanes, Water Temperature3/16/2011
Climate Change Fact Sheet: Information on Change in the Gulf of Maine
MEClimate Change Science/ImpactGuidance/GuidebookAir Temperature, Precipitation, Sea Level3/16/2011
Recommended Sea Level Rise Scenarios for Delaware
DEClimate Change Science/ImpactGuidance/Guidebook12/19/2011
Climate Change and the Chesapeake Bay: State-of-the-Science and Recommendations
Mid-AtlanticClimate Change Science/ImpactGuidance/GuidebookEcosystem/Natural ResourcesPrecipitation, Sea Level, Storms (non-tropical), Water Temperature12/22/2011
Climate Change: Evidence, Impacts, and Choices
Not Region SpecificClimate Change Science/ImpactGuidance/Guidebook12/13/2012
Climate Change and Water: IPCC Technical Paper VI
InternationalGuidance/GuidebookEconomy, Ecosystem/Natural Resources, Human Health, Infrastructure, Society, Water ResourcesIce Melt, Sea Level6/21/2010
Programmatic Framework for Considering Climate Change Impacts in Coastal Habitat Restoration, Land Acquisition, and Facility Development Investments
Not Region SpecificGuidance/GuidebookEcosystem/Natural Resources6/23/2010
Adapting to climate change impacts – A good practice guide for sustainable communities
Adapting to Climate Change: A Checklist for Development Guidance on Designing Developments in a Changing Climate
InternationalGuidance/GuidebookInfrastructure, Society, Water Resources6/25/2010
Preparing for the Impacts of Climate Change in California: Opportunities and Constraints for Adaptation
Coping with Global Climate Change: The Role of Adaptation in the United States
Not Region SpecificGuidance/Guidebook6/25/2010
Climate Proofing: A Risk-based Approach to Adaptation
Pacific Island Mangroves in a Changing Climate and Rising Sea
Pacific IslandsGuidance/GuidebookEcosystem/Natural Resources6/26/2010
Adapting to Climate Change: An Introduction for Canadian Municipalities
Climate Change Risk and Vulnerability: Promoting an Efficient Adaptation Response in Australia
Cities Preparing for Climate Change: A Study of Six Urban Regions
Uses and limitations of Observations, Data, Forecasts, and Other Projections in Decision Support for Selected Sectors and Regions
Not Region SpecificGuidance/GuidebookHuman Health, Water Resources8/19/2010
Climate Change and Land Use in Florida: Interdependencies and Opportunities
FLGuidance/GuidebookInfrastructure, Society8/19/2010
Adapting to Climate Change: A Planning Guide for State Coastal Managers
Not Region SpecificGuidance/GuidebookEconomy, Ecosystem/Natural Resources, Infrastructure, Society, Water ResourcesAir Temperature, Drought, Erosion, Flooding, Ice Melt, Lake Level, Ocean Acidification, Precipitation, Sea Level, Storms (non-tropical), Tropical Storms/Hurricanes, Water Temperature9/14/2010
How Well Prepared is the UK for Climate Change?
A Human Health Perspective On Climate Change: A Report Outlining the Research Needs on the Human Health Effects of Climate Change
Not Region SpecificGuidance/GuidebookHuman Health10/15/2010
Building a Resilient Energy Gulf Coast: Executive Report
Gulf of MexicoGuidance/Guidebook10/21/2010
Technical Considerations for Use of Geospatial Data in Sea Level Change Mapping and Assessment
Not Region SpecificGuidance/GuidebookSea Level11/22/2010
Climate Change Adaptation in New York City: Building a Risk Management Response
Growing Wealthier: Smart Growth, Climate Change and Prosperity
Not Region SpecificGuidance/GuidebookEconomy, Human Health, Infrastructure, Society3/8/2011
Mid-Atlantic Regional Council on the Ocean: Climate Change and Sea Level Rise Information Exchange
Mid-AtlanticGuidance/GuidebookEcosystem/Natural Resources, InfrastructureSea Level4/6/2011
The State of Marine and Coastal Adaptation in North America: A Synthesis of Emerging Ideas
Not Region SpecificGuidance/GuidebookEcosystem/Natural Resources, Infrastructure, SocietyAir Temperature, Ocean Acidification, Precipitation, Sea Level5/24/2011
Restoring the Great Lakes’ Coastal Future: Technical Guidance for the Design and Implementation of Climate-Smart Restoration Projects
Great LakesGuidance/GuidebookEcosystem/Natural ResourcesLake Level6/15/2011
Financing the Resilient City: A Demand Driven Approach to Development, Disaster Risk Reduction, and Climate Adaptation
Not Region SpecificGuidance/Guidebook6/22/2011
An Assessment of Decision-Making Processes: Evaluation of Where Land Protection Planning Can Incorporate Climate Change Information
Not Region SpecificGuidance/Guidebook12/1/2011
Climate Change and Interacting Stressors: Implications for Coral Reef Management in American Samoa
Pacific IslandsGuidance/GuidebookEcosystem/Natural Resources12/1/2011
Forest Adaptation Resources: Climate Change Tools and Approaches for Land Managers
WIGuidance/GuidebookEcosystem/Natural Resources12/8/2011
Federal Actions for a Climate Resilient Nation: Progress Report of the Interagency Climate Change Adaptation Task Force
Not Region SpecificGuidance/Guidebook12/19/2011
Climate Change and Water Management in South Florida
FLGuidance/GuidebookWater ResourcesDrought, Flooding, Precipitation, Tropical Storms/Hurricanes12/20/2011
Climate Change: Expert Opinion on the Economics of Policy Options to Address Climate Change
Not Region SpecificGuidance/GuidebookEconomy12/22/2011
Climate Ready Water Utilities: Adaptation Strategies Guide for Water Utilities
Alaska, Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, Gulf of Mexico, West Coast, Great Lakes, Pacific Islands, CaribbeanGuidance/GuidebookEcosystem/Natural Resources, Water ResourcesDrought, Flooding, Lake Level, Sea Level, Storms (non-tropical), Tropical Storms/Hurricanes2/24/2012
Incorporating Sea Level Change Scenarios at the Local Level
Not Region SpecificGuidance/GuidebookSea Level5/3/2012
Voluntary Step-by-Step Guide for Considering Potential Climate Change Effects on Coastal and Estuarine Land Conservation Projects
Not Region SpecificGuidance/GuidebookEcosystem/Natural Resources8/23/2012
Adapting to Climate Change: A Planning Guide for State Coastal Managers--A Great Lakes Supplement
Great LakesGuidance/GuidebookEconomy, Ecosystem/Natural Resources, Infrastructure, Society, Water ResourcesAir Temperature, Drought, Erosion, Flooding, Lake Level, Precipitation, Storms (non-tropical), Water Temperature9/5/2012
Enhancing the resilience of seaports to a changing climate: research synthesis and implications for policy and practice
Not Region SpecificGuidance/GuidebookInfrastructureAir Temperature, Flooding, Precipitation, Storms (non-tropical), Tropical Storms/Hurricanes6/4/2013
What Will Adaptation Cost? An Economic Framework for Coastal Community Infrastructure
Not Region SpecificGuidance/GuidebookEconomy, InfrastructureFlooding, Sea Level, Tropical Storms/Hurricanes8/27/2013
Sea Level Rise: Understanding and Applying Trends and Future Scenarios for Analysis and Planning
MANortheastGuidance/GuidebookEconomy, Ecosystem/Natural Resources, InfrastructureSea Level12/26/2013
State of Maryland Climate Change and Coast Smart Construction Infrastructure Siting and Design Guidelines
MDGuidance/GuidebookInfrastructureFlooding, Sea Level2/5/2014
Climate-Smart Conservation: Putting Adaptation Principles into Practice
Not Region SpecificGuidance/GuidebookEcosystem/Natural Resources5/15/2014
Adaptation Planning for the National Estuary Program: Elements of an Adaptation Plan
Not Region SpecificGuidance/GuidebookAdaptation/Action Plan5/12/2010
Climate Change Handbook for Regional Water Planning
CAWest CoastGuidance/GuidebookAdaptation/Action PlanEcosystem/Natural Resources, Infrastructure, Society, Water ResourcesDrought, Flooding, Precipitation1/19/2012
Facing up to Rising Sea Levels: Retreat? Defend? Attack?
InternationalGuidance/GuidebookCase Study/Strategy4/1/2010
Decision-Making for At-Risk Communities in a Changing Climate
AKGuidance/GuidebookCase Study/StrategyInfrastructure, SocietyErosion, Ice Melt, Storms (non-tropical)5/3/2010
Smart Growth for Coastal and Waterfront Communities
Not Region SpecificGuidance/GuidebookCase Study/StrategySociety5/12/2010
Adapting to Climate Change in the Netherlands: An Inventory of Climate Adaptation Options and Ranking of Alternatives
InternationalGuidance/GuidebookCase Study/Strategy5/12/2010
Final Report to the Governor: A Framework for Addressing Rapid Climate Change
ORGuidance/GuidebookCase Study/Strategy5/17/2010
Preparing for Sea Level Rise: Development of a Sea Level Rise Initiative, Sea Level Rise Initiative Project Compendium
DEGuidance/GuidebookCase Study/StrategyEcosystem/Natural ResourcesSea Level6/8/2010
The Faces of Climate Change Adaptation: The Need for Proactive Protection of the Nation’s Coasts
Not Region SpecificGuidance/GuidebookCase Study/Strategy10/15/2010
Conserving Coastal Wetlands for Sea Level Rise Adaptation
Not Region SpecificGuidance/GuidebookCase Study/StrategyEcosystem/Natural ResourcesSea Level1/10/2011
Responding to Climate Change: Working Together to Conserve Land, Wildlife and Habitat
MAGuidance/GuidebookCase Study/StrategyEcosystem/Natural Resources12/8/2011
Center for Climate Strategies Adaptation Guidebook: Comprehensive Climate Action
Not Region SpecificGuidance/GuidebookCase Study/StrategyEconomy, Ecosystem/Natural Resources, Human Health, Infrastructure, Society5/7/2012
Incorporating Sea Level Change Scenarios at the Local Level
Not Region SpecificGuidance/GuidebookCase Study/StrategySea Level5/9/2012
Adaptation Tool Kit: Sea-Level Rise and Coastal Land Use, How Governments Can Use Land-Use Practices to Adapt to Sea-Level Rise
Not Region SpecificGuidance/GuidebookCase Study/StrategySea Level9/17/2012
Impacts and Adaptation Options in the Gulf Coast
Gulf of MexicoGuidance/GuidebookCase Study/Strategy10/16/2012
Climate Adaptation & Resilience: A Resource Guide for Local Leaders
Not Region SpecificGuidance/GuidebookCase Study/Strategy6/7/2013
Resources for Evaluating and Monitoring Climate Change Adaptation Actions in Coastal Regions: An Annotated Bibliography
Not Region SpecificGuidance/GuidebookCase Study/Strategy12/20/2013
Managed Coastal Retreat: A Legal Handbook on Shifting Development Away from Vulnerable Areas
Not Region SpecificGuidance/GuidebookCase Study/StrategyInfrastructureFlooding, Sea Level, Tropical Storms/Hurricanes12/26/2013
Marshes on the Move: A Manager's Guide to Understanding and Using Model Results Depicting Potential Sea Level Rise Impacts on Coastal Wetlands
Not Region SpecificGuidance/GuidebookClimate Change Science/ImpactEcosystem/Natural ResourcesSea Level5/3/2012
Global Sea Level Rise Scenarios for the United States National Climate Assessment, NOAA Technical Report OAR CPO-1
Not Region SpecificGuidance/GuidebookClimate Change Science/ImpactSea Level12/13/2012
Preparing for Climate Change: A Guidebook for Local, Regional, and State Governments
Not Region SpecificGuidance/Guidebookn/a3/22/2010
Identifying Adaptation options
Not Region SpecificGuidance/Guidebookn/a3/22/2010
Resilient Coasts: A Blueprint for Action
Not Region SpecificGuidance/Guidebookn/a5/7/2010
Adaptation to Climate Change Toolkit: Coasts – Marine Turtle Habitats
Digital Coast Inundation Toolkit – Mapping Inundation
Not Region SpecificGuidance/Guidebookn/aFlooding, Sea Level5/12/2010
Adaptation Wizard – A 5-step process to adapt to climate change
Not Region SpecificGuidance/Guidebookn/a5/17/2010
Surviving Climate Change in Small Islands – A Guidebook
BUYING TIME: A User’s Manual for Building Resistance and Resilience to Climate Change in Natural Systems
Not Region SpecificGuidance/Guidebookn/aEcosystem/Natural Resources6/10/2010
Coastal Hazards and Climate Change: Guidance manual for local government in New Zealand
Adapting to Climate Variability and Change: A Guidance Manual for Development Planning
Not Region SpecificGuidance/Guidebookn/a6/10/2010
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